Accidents Happen... and Your Teeth Could Take the Hit!
Here's What You Should Do In Case of a Dental Injury

Dental Injuries

Let's face it – accidents happen when we least expect them to. We can't always avoid them, but we sure can do our best to prevent them most of the time. Whether it be a bad tumble down the stairs, a hard blow to the face during a sport game, or even a solid bite down while chewing food… a dental injury can strike! Your teeth are at risk for fracture, or even loss (in more severe cases) when they experience trauma. It's smart to protect yourself when you can.

When to Seek Professional Help

Following an injury, if you experience any tooth pain (in general or while chewing), swelling, sensitivity to hot or cold, warmness/fever in the face, or discharge surrounding the tooth – see your dentist or endodontist right away. It's important that you arrange an appointment as soon as possible to ensure the best outcome for your tooth (or teeth). A dental health professional will be able to properly examine your teeth, and may take an X-ray to better visualize any problems. For a fractured tooth, a root canal procedure will be required if the nerve tissue has become damaged and diseased. For a tooth that's been knocked out of its socket, it may be able to be reimplanted as long as you act fast enough and get to the dentist immediately after the injury. The tooth should be stored in milk (not water) while on route to the clinic, and should only be handled by the crown. Keep your fingers off that root!

Is There a Way to Prevent Dental Injury?

We can only do so much to protect ourselves from potentially damaging accidents. Sport injuries are the most common cause of dental accidents – and luckily, simply wearing a sport guard will help to protect the teeth/jaw from any hard impact. All athletes should wear a sport guard while they play! Although these appliances can be purchased from the local store, sport guards that have been professionally custom-made by the dentist and lab tend to offer ideal comfort and support.

Root Canal Therapy to the Rescue!

If you ever happen to experience a dental injury or require endodontic treatment in the near future, Dr. Lance Isaac can help! Leader of The Endodontic Group, Dr. Isaac is a Scarborough Endodontist who specializes in root canal treatment for patients wishing to save their decayed or injured tooth. Give us a ring!