How Can You Determine if You Really Need a Root Canal?
Dr. Isaac Looks for These Specific Signs

There are several questions that are important to consider when determining whether a root canal treatment is the appropriate route to go for a patient. Dr. Lance Isaac of The Endodontic Group reveals the common signs that dentists and endodontists look for when making a decision:

How to know if you'll need a root canal

Does pain appear without warning?

Triggers such as cold or hot temperatures are one thing known to cause tooth pain, but if your pain tends to appear out of the blue when you're doing nothing to provoke it, this is a definite sign that your tooth needs care.

Does pain increase with change with movement or change in position?

If your tooth pain amplifies when you change the position of your body or move spontaneously, your tooth may be dead with no hope for recovery.

Does the pain persist long after it strikes?

If sensitivity and pain to hot or cold temperatures lingers on for longer than usual, this is another unfortunate sign.

Is the tooth discoloured?

If the affected tooth is dark in colour, with no discolouration of such in the surrounding teeth, this could be a clear indication of a tooth that may require endodontic treatment.

Is there a sign of a fistula?

A fistula, commonly referred to as a “gum boil”, is a pimple-like spot that appears on the gum, indicating an infection. A fistula is usually not accompanied by any pain.

Is there a sign of an abscess?

An X-Ray may reveal an abscess, (or absence of bone in a particular area), indicating an infection caused by the deceased tooth.

So, there you have it! These signs often help dental professionals determine if endodontic treatment is definitely needed, or if there's any chance the tooth may heal on its own. As soon as the tooth is determined dead, a patient must plan for treatment right away.

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