Can Consuming Calcium Help You Avoid a Root Canal?

Say “CHEESE” (And eat it, too)!

This month, let’s talk DENTAL PULP. You know – the part of the tooth that we clean out and replace with a special filling during a root canal procedure!

Calcium help to prevent root canal

Did you know? Dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt (without added sugar) are some of the most heroic foods and beverages for your smile! They help to build our teeth during development, and also help to maintain their health throughout our lives… which can ultimately help you to avoid endodontic treatment (a root canal) down the line.

But why is dairy so great for our dental health? Our Scarborough endodontist has the details.

Here are four reasons why dairy helps to preserve a healthy, strong smile:

1. The teeth are in a constant state of demineralization and remineralization – a natural process where the teeth lose minerals (structure) and then replace them. It’s when more demineralization occurs than remineralization that the teeth begin to decay and a cavity forms. The calcium and phosphorous minerals present in dairy products help to remineralize tooth enamel that has lost minerals through exposure to bacterial acids. (Acid attacks occur when a person consumes sugary/carb-based or acidic foods or beverages).

2. Consuming dairy products also helps to neutralize the levels of acidity present in the oral environment, helping to protect the teeth from acid attacks and enamel damage.

3. Proteins referred to as caseins are thought to form a protective film coating on the teeth’s surfaces, helping to protect the enamel from contact with the bacterial acids. (Re:

4. There have been studies that have shown a diet insufficient in calcium contributed to gum disease, but a boost in calcium and vitamin D intake improved gum health.

Vegans and lactose intolerant people can still receive the great benefits of calcium through high-calcium foods and beverages such as calcium-set tofu, calcium-fortified plant milks, kale, collard greens, almonds, dried figs and legumes.

Smile for Calcium!

Have you been getting enough calcium for your smile (and your body)? Something to think about!