Does Chewing Gum Help to Ultimately Prevent Root Canals?

The truth about the chew

Are you the type of person who’s got a pack of gum on them at all times?

chewing gum and root canals

If so, you may be pleased to know that your gum chewing habits are conducive to a healthier smile (that is, if the gum you’ve been chewing is sugar-free).

But how can that be so?... Our Scarborough Endodontist has the facts.

Firstly, regularly chewing sugarless gum helps to prevent cavities and ultimately root canals by promoting the remineralization (recovery) of lost tooth structure. This is because gum chewing boosts saliva production – and saliva plays a huge role in helping to protect the teeth. Saliva contains the important minerals calcium and phosphate that help to re-build demineralized tooth enamel. Saliva also helps to neutralize the levels of acidity in the mouth – or in other words, conditions that are perfect for tooth decay.

So essentially, the moister the oral environment, the more opportunity for tooth cavity prevention… and chewing gum helps to do just that!

Another way that regular gum chewing helps to protect the teeth from cavities and potentially future root canal therapy is through the washing away of food particles and bacteria from the teeth. This is why chewing after meals and snacks, particularly after those containing sugars, is beneficial – and especially convenient when there’s no toothbrush around.

Get your chew on! (But make sure your gum is sugar-free)

At the end of the day, the best way to prevent cavities and potential future root canal treatment is to brush twice a day for two minutes a session and floss daily. You should also be visiting a dental professional every 6 months or when necessary for a cleaning and to ensure your smile is on the right track. It’s also important to try to avoid eating sugary foods and drinks as often as you can – especially as regular snacks. The fewer instances you expose your teeth to sugars, the better.

Happy chewing from The Endodontic Group!