An Interview with The Endodontic Group's Dr. Lance Isaac

Learn about Life as an Endodontist!

Hi Dr. Isaac! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions for us today. We're eager to learn a little more about what it's like to be a certified Scarborough endodontist. So, Dr. Isaac, here's what we'd like to know:

interview with root canal specialist
  1. What inspired you to become an Endodontist?

    My father was a general dentist, now retired. Growing up, I suppose I always saw the work he did and the way his patients appreciated what he did. After getting into dental school, I thought that a specialty may be good for me. After considering all of them, becoming a root canal specialist seems to be the best fit. The notion of getting people out of pain while helping them save their precious teeth is the greatest reward.
  2. Tell us a little bit about your experience at Temple University School of Dentistry. Do you have a favourite memory, or any special moment that stands out to you to this day?

    Temple University is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States. Clinically, the experience goes unmatched. I saw every type of dental situation possible, several times over. I vividly recall as an undergraduate doing an Oral Surgery rotation, performing a full mouth extraction for a gentleman who was going to get dentures. I was on my feet for hours, but what an experience! In the Endodontic program, using the microscope for the first time and doing the first apical surgery stand out as pivotal moments for me.
  3. How many root canal procedures would you say you perform in a day?

    It can vary from none up to eight. A great deal of my day is spent doing consultations for patients who want to know their options and discuss them prior to treatment. And some simply want an accurate diagnosis. So on very rare occasions there can be zero treatments in the schedule. But more often than not, I average 5-6 a day.
  4. Who is Dr. Lance Isaac, in three words?

    Hardworking, knowledgeable, caring.
  5. Care to tell us a little bit about your favourite high-tech equipment that assists you with your procedures?

    Without a doubt, it is the microscope. I can't even remember what it was like not to use it! Within the field of Endodontics, we work in such a small space with the finest of instruments. Magnification and illumination is absolutely everything. The success of numerous cases depends on this vital tool.
  6. What's the number one misconception your patients have about their endodontic surgery before their treatment begins?

    That they will have pain during the procedure. With the advances in local anesthesia, I can ‘freeze' a patient so that they do not feel a thing, even when they are infected or extremely anxious.
  7. Do you have a lot of patients who are initially extremely nervous about the procedure? If so, how do you help them to relax or reassure them that everything will be o.k.?

    The greatest tool to reassure a nervous patient is genuine, heartfelt caring and empathy. This is more than enough for the vast majority of people who walk through my office door seeking root canal treatment. If that is not enough, we do offer various sedation options including nitrous oxide, taking a pill and intravenous (the most effective), and combinations thereof. We do have a dedicated registered nurse who assists with the IV cases, and everyone ends up getting the work they need to have done in the most comfortable manner.

    Thanks again for your time, Dr. Isaac! We definitely learned a few interesting things from you today. We wish you all the best, both inside and outside of the office. You're a real hero (we can't even imagine how many precious teeth you've been able to help your patients save).

    See you around!