The Ultimate Root Canal Quiz: How Well Do You Know Endo?
Let’s find out!

how much do you know about endodontics

Are you a root canal expert? (Chances are, if you’re not an endodontist… you’re not). Heh heh.

This month, our Scarborough endodontist wants to know how well you know root canals! What do you have to lose by taking this quiz? We bet you’ll learn a few things along the way as well.

Let’s get started!


  1. During root canal procedure, the endodontist accesses this part of the tooth:

    • the enamel
    • the dentin chamber
    • the pulp chamber
    • the crown
  2. Below is one tool the endodontist does NOT use to assist in a root canal procedure:

    • microscope
    • explorer
    • reamers
    • dental scalpel
  3. Below is not a symptom of irreversible pulpitis:

    • tooth pain that is spontaneous and occurs without a trigger
    • tooth pain that occurs only after exposure to hot or cold
    • tooth appears darker in colour
    • a pimple appears on the gum near the affected tooth
  4. A person can require root canal therapy in all but one of these instances:

    • a crack that extends to the root of the tooth
    • a cavity in the dentin layer
    • a deep cavity that affects the tooth’s pulp
    • repeated accidents or dental procedures involving drilling
  5. A tooth’s root contains:

    • nothing
    • crushed bone
    • pulp
    • enamel
  6. The pulp changer is cleaned out and filled with this material:

    • gutta-percha
    • composite filling
    • dental foam
    • gretta-pucha
  7. A root canal treated tooth often receives what to protect it from future damage:

    • fluoride treatment
    • a crown
    • a veneer
    • a “dental hat”

  1. c.
  2. d.
  3. b.
  4. b.
  5. c.
  6. a.
  7. b.

Well, how did you do? Feel free to let us know!