The Incredible Instruments of Endodontics
These Little Tools Lend a Big Hand!

tools used in root canal surgery

A successful root canal procedure would not be possible without the use of a variety of advanced (and especially precise) endodontic tools!

Endodontists rely on these tiny tools to assist with every root canal procedure, ensuring a safe and professional result for the patient. Each instrument has a specific design and purpose, and are each used with a different technique.

Here are just some of the tools our Scarborough endodontist uses during a root canal therapy procedure:

Endodontic Explorer

The endodontic explorer has a sharp pointy tip that helps the endodontist to locate openings in the tooth. It is similar to a general dental explorer or probe, the tool that the dentist uses to check for decayed areas on teeth.

Endodontic Bur

Endodontic burs are very tiny drills that can remove tooth structure in order to gain access to the tooth's pulp chamber. These drills are available in a variety of different sizes to suit each individual endodontic case.

Barbed Broach

The barbed broach is a tiny and long instrument with many sharp projections covering its length. This tool is used to help the endodontist remove the infected pulp tissue out of the canal. To do so, the broach is inserted deep into the canal, twisted, and then pulled out.

Reamers and Files

Reamers and files are typically composed of stainless steel, and help the endodontist to cut and shape the canals. A common design type of the reamer and file instruments are referred to as "K-Type".

Gates-Glidden Drills

Also typically made from stainless steel, Gates-Glidden drills are very tiny drill pieces used to clean out or shape/enlarge the coronal part of the canal.

If you've ever had a root canal procedure, you've probably come into contact with all of these tools already! We owe our thanks to these great inventions – without them, root canal therapy would not be such a successful procedure.

Don't pull it if you can save it!

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