Preventing Cavities & Root Canals
Four Habits Your Smile Appreciates

preventing tooth decay and root canals

It takes a little bit of effort every day in order to prevent tooth decay that could potentially lead to root canal procedure down the road. While root canal therapy is an excellent, safe and highly successful way to save a damaged tooth, there’s nothing better than a tooth that is healthy and decay-free to begin with.

Here’s what you can do every day to ensure you’re doing all you can for the health of your smile:

  1. Limit sugar and carb intake

    When it comes to keeping your teeth healthy and strong, a healthy diet goes a long way. Try your best to limit the number of unhealthy/processed or carbohydrate-dense foods you eat, and also try to increase your intake of fresh veggies, calcium and proteins. Our Scarborough endodontist assures you that your teeth with thank you!
  2. Limit snacking

    Did you know that the more frequently you consume throughout the day, the higher your risk for developing cavities? It’s true, and it’s because frequent snacking exposes the teeth to more bacterial encounters and increased acid levels… which over time, leads to cavities that could turn into root canals.
  3. Swish with water after eating

    Swishing water around in your mouth after eating, or after drinking anything sugary will help to wash away food particles and reduce the levels of acidity in the mouth, which will help to prevent tooth decay. It’s a really easy way to help protect your smile!
  4. Brush and floss diligently

    Last but certainly not least, brush twice a day for at least 120 seconds at a time, a floss every day! Proper oral hygiene care plays a fundamental role in protecting your enamel and keeping your teeth clean, healthy and strong.

Have you been treating your teeth with the utmost respect every day? If not, we hope you feel inspired to make some changes starting today! Our experienced endodontist is here if you ever have any questions or concerns… just give us a call and book a visit!