Root Canal Therapy and Sedation Dentistry

Are You a Candidate for IV Moderate Sedation During Your Treatment?

It can be quite nerve wracking for some patients, especially those with dental anxiety – to go in for their first (or second!) root canal treatment. Even though the procedure is rather relaxing and painless (with the help of a local anesthetic, of course), patients have the choice of asking their endodontist about being IV sedated during treatment. Think you're one of those patients who would benefit from sedation during your root canal treatment? Many patients would! We've got some more details on the subject.

root canal sedation therapy

Can Everyone Benefit from IV Moderate Sedation?

While most patients of all ages who are in good general health are great candidates for sedation dentistry, there are some with certain medical conditions or impaired organ function who should not receive the medication. Your endodontist will go over your medical history and will be able to determine whether sedation is safe for you.

Patients who will benefit the most from IV sedation are those who experience general dental anxiety, or anxiety triggered by certain procedures, sounds, smells, or sights. Patients who have more difficulty getting numb with a typical anesthetic/ who experience more pain, have trouble staying still, or have a particularly sensitive gag reflex will also benefit very much from intravenous sedation.

What to Expect

Patients receiving IV sedation for their dental procedure will typically feel extremely relaxed and sleepy, while still remaining conscious. Many will actually recall little to nothing of their visit! Time also tends to pass very quickly for the patient, and the effects of the drug may not begin to fully wear off until a couple hours after the treatment. It is advised that the patient organize a designated driver for the ride home.

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