Ten Interesting Facts About Your Teeth

Add some more dental wisdom to that noggin!

This month, our Scarborough endodontist wants to share these fun dental facts that you can keep stored in your noggin for life. Because who can’t use a little extra dental wisdom?

ten facts about teeth

Did you know…

1. If you skip flossing, you skip cleaning a whopping 40% of your tooth surfaces. Flossing at least once daily is very important!

2. Our tooth enamel is the hardest substance in our human bodies – but this doesn’t mean it can’t break. Avoid nail biting, teeth grinding and especially using your teeth as tools (such as to open bottle caps) – this could potentially fracture the tooth, and you may need to get a root canal treatment in Scarborough with Dr. Isaac.

3. Dental plaque consists of over 300 different types of bacteria. Yuck.

4. While people should be brushing for 2 full minutes (160 seconds), twice a day, the average person brushes for only 45-70 seconds a day. (Are you one of those people)?

5. People who drink over 3 glasses of soda every day have 62% more tooth decay, dental fillings and tooth loss compared to those who don’t. Really teaches you something about the dangers of pop beverages… and sports drinks are just as bad, if not worse. Water always wins!

6. The earliest toothbrushes were simply tree twigs! People would chew the end of the twig to fray it, and then used the frayed end to clean their teeth.

7. Just like our finger prints, tooth prints are also unique to everyone – and so are our tongue prints!

8. More people prefer to use a blue toothbrush compared to a red one. What colour is yours?

9. Commercial dental floss was first manufactured in the year 1882.

10. Our taste buds have life spans – each averaging about 10 days!

So, did you learn anything new? We bet you did!