I Take Care of My Oral health... Why Do I Need Root Canal Treatment?

Surprisingly, Tooth Decay Isn't the Only Cause

Have you ever needed a root canal treatment? Many people have! There's no doubt that this procedure is quite common... however, so is a particular misconception about it! Contrary to popular belief, poor oral hygiene is not the only culprit for needing a procedure of this kind. Root canal treatments are often required to treat teeth that have experienced damage that, in a lot of cases, occur due to certain factors beyond a patient's control.

tooth decay

Other contributing factors for needing a root canal treatment include:

  1. Genetics.
    Patients who are more genetically susceptible to oral disease or complication have an increased risk of eventually requiring root canal treatment, despite how well they may be taking care of their teeth (although adequate care still helps a great deal)!
  2. Medical conditions.
    Certain medical conditions like diabetes, leukemia, iron deficiency and HIV/AIDS can increase the risk of oral health problems. It's important to keep your dentist up to date with your medical history in order to manage these conditions in a way that's also mindful of your oral health.
  3. Trauma or fracture.
    Accidents happen, and we can't always prepare for them. Severe trauma to the tooth can sever the nerve at the root's end, ultimately killing it. Fracture as a result of teeth grinding/clenching, biting down on hard foods or an injury to the face can cause a tooth to crack, sometimes deep enough to reach the pulp of the tooth.
  4. Repeated dental procedures.
    Dental procedures that have been repeated on a particular tooth, such as ones that involve continuous drilling, can put excess stress on the tooth and may inflame the pulp. This can eventually cause enough damage to require treatment.
  5. Old metal fillings.
    Dental fillings that have been in place for many years can potentially cause cracks in the tooth, which may become deep enough to reach the nerve. This puts the tooth root at risk for damage or infection.

Just Keep Brushing and Flossing!

As you can see, there really are a number of reasons why a patient may need root canal treatment! At the end of the day, it's best to not worry. As long as you're doing your best to take care of your oral health and body's health in general, you are still minimizing the risk of damage to your teeth!

If you ever happen to need a root canal treatment in the near future, just call Dr. Lance Isaac. Leader of The Endodontic Group, he's a Scarborough Endodontist specially certified in endodontics surgery, always treating his patients with the compassionate and expert service they deserve.

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