Why You Should See an Endodontist For Your Root Canal Treatment

Why see an endodontist?

Have you ever required a root canal treatment? If so, who performed the procedure? If you remember being referred to an endodontist, then you're most likely in the clear. While root canal procedures are quite common, they require a practitioner with extensive experience and a specific set of skills to perform them. That's why there's no one else better for the job than an Endodontist!

Steer Clear of Unwanted Consequences...

A root canal treatment is a tricky procedure. Many patients, however, opt to have this complicated treatment performed by their family dentist. At times, a patient may run into complications with their procedure and may require a re-treatment, which, let's face it - nobody has time for.

For example, some patients receive recommendation by their dentist to cap their treated tooth, and after all the hassle - the pain re-emerges. Or, in other cases, a patient's procedure will not be performed to completion. This unnecessary stress and waste of money and time could have easily been avoided if the patient had initially chosen a specialized endodontic dentist instead.

An Endodontic Expert That You Can Depend On

Dr. Lance Isaac of The Endodontic Group is a Scarborough Endodontist specially certified in endodontics surgery, or root canal treatment. Patients can put all of their endodontic needs in the hands of Dr. Isaac for a successful and proper procedure.

Not only is Dr. Isaac a gentle and friendly doctor, but he truly understands and cares about his patients' individual needs. For patients who prefer to not be awake during treatment, a Dental Anesthesiologist will assist him in administering sedative medication. Dr. Isaac always delivers comfortable and pain-free care to patients.

We'd Love to Hear from You!

The Endodontic Group is always happy to save patients from root canal procedures that could potentially go wrong if left in the wrong hands. Don't hesitate to give us a call should you ever require a root canal treatment in the future!