Why Should I Go Through With a Root Canal Procedure?
"Aren't There Any Better Options?"

Root Canal Procedure

So… you’ve been told you need a root canal procedure.

Sigh… not the greatest news, but hey, at least you have the option to keep that tooth! The question is, are you going to go through with it? You know that you could simply just pull the tooth, or replace it with a dental implant. Or… why not wait it out? Maybe the tooth can heal on its own… right?


For those of you who aren’t quite sure about whether a root canal treatment would be the best option for them and their troubled tooth, this is what our Scarborough endodontist wants you to know.

Nothing is better than your natural tooth.

If you’re thinking about skipping the root canal and just yanking the tooth to replace it later on, you might want to give that some more thought. While dental implants are truly amazing substitutes for missing natural teeth, the fact remains that a person’s natural tooth will always be superior to any other artificial restorative solution. In addition to this, more issues can occur during the time you have a tooth missing out of its socket. Surrounding teeth could shift into the space, resulting in an unattractive appearance and problems with the bite, and bone loss will occur in the area that used to support your tooth.

So if you’re lucky enough to have the option to “save” rather than replace a natural tooth that has experienced trauma or infection, then choosing a root canal therapy procedure is a smart choice.

Don’t put it off… the tooth is eventually going to have to come out anyway.

If you’re considering simply dealing with the discomfort “until the nerve finally dies”, it’s important to realize that the tooth is still going to need to come out as it will become a threat to your oral health. If your dentist or endodontist suggests having your root canal procedure within a certain timeframe, it’s best to listen to their advice.

Our endodontist in Scarborough does root canals right!

If you’ve been having a persisting problem with a tooth, Dr. Lance Isaac encourages you to come in for a visit. The sooner you address any warning signs, the better your prognosis for saving your natural tooth. Contact us today!