Why Visit an Endodontist for Your Root Canal Procedure?

When it comes to root canals, an endodontist knows best

Have you ever required a root canal treatment?

Have you ever required a root canal treatment?

While root canal procedures are quite common, they do necessitate a practitioner with extensive experience and a specific set of skills. That's why there's no one else better for the job than an Endodontist – like our expert Dr. Lance Isaac!

Steer Clear of Unwanted Consequences...

A root canal treatment is a tricky procedure. Some patients, however, choose to have this complicated treatment performed by a practitioner with little experience – increasing the risk of complication.

For example, some patients receive recommendation to cap their treated tooth, and after all the hassle - the pain re-emerges. Or, in other cases, a patient's procedure will not be performed to completion. This unnecessary stress and waste of money and time could have easily been avoided if the patient had initially chosen a specialized endodontist with years of experience instead.

An Endodontic Expert That You Can Depend On

Dr. Lance Isaac of The Endodontic Group is a Scarborough Endodontist specially certified in endodontics surgery, or root canal treatment. Patients can put all of their endodontic needs in the hands of Dr. Isaac for a successful and proper procedure.

Not only is Dr. Isaac a gentle and friendly doctor, but he truly understands and cares about his patients' individual needs. For patients who prefer to not be awake during treatment, a Dental Anesthesiologist will assist him in administering sedative medication. Dr. Isaac always delivers comfortable and pain-free care to patients.

Troubled Tooth? Call The Endodontic Group

Don't hesitate to give our Dr. Lance Isaac a call should you ever require a root canal treatment in the future, or even if you’re experiencing problems now. The sooner we get you treated, the better.