Your Guide to Fighting Gum Recession (and Ultimately a Root Canal)

Gingival Health Depends on These Three Things

Have you been putting all of your energy into keeping your teeth healthy & clean, forgetting to look after your gums, too? It’s a common problem.

protecting your gums

Your gums need just as much love as your teeth do! That said, our Scarborough endodontist is going to give you the low down on how you can ensure your gums stay pink and healthy as can be for life… so the precious roots of your teeth can be protected from root decay (and ultimately, a potential need for a root canal treatment).

First and foremost: you should be flossing daily. Yes, this means every day.

When you limit your dental hygiene practices to merely brushing, you are allowing harmful food bacteria to fester in between your teeth (trust us – your toothbrush cannot access these areas). And when this bacteria remains nestled in the pockets of the gums, gingivitis (gum disease) rapidly sets in. It’s no surprise that roughly half of the population is living with the condition. And this is one thing that, if not reversed before it advances, can surely take its toll on gum health – causing irreversible recession.

Secondly: be gentle with your toothbrush and floss.

It’s very important to be gentle while cleaning your teeth. Being too aggressive with your toothbrush will easily wear the gums over time, or using too much force with your floss can also cause irreversible damage if you make a habit of it.

Thirdly: If you smoke, quit.

Smoking dramatically increases your risk for gum disease and, ultimately, recession. Smoking is also one of the worst things you can do for your oral health overall (as is chewing tobacco). If you’ve been trying to put an end to your tobacco addiction to no avail, there are many methods available designed to help people quit… like anti-smoking gum and patches, and support groups that understand your struggle.

And last, but CERTAINLY not least; ensure you haven’t been grinding your teeth at night. Or, if you’re aware you have been – please do something about it! A bruxism habit is known to do a ton of damage to healthy teeth. Thankfully, a mouth guard/night guard can protect your smile while you sleep.

If you notice any of your teeth appearing longer than usual due to the pulling back of the gum line, this is a sign of gum recession. You may also experience sensitivity near the gum line where the exposed tooth root is. Thankfully however, if your gum recession is severe, there are treatment options such as a gum graft procedure available to address the problem.