May 2019

Types of Dental Crowns for Your Root Canal Treatment

When it comes to crowns, there really are so many materials that a patient can choose from! Let’s talk about some of the different types of crowns our Scarborough endodontist is able to provide patients with today, and what sets them apart from each other.

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March 2019

The Different Types of Tooth Cracks & Chips

When someone experiences or notices a crack or chip in their tooth, they might feel instantly terrified and begin to pray that their tooth isn’t a lost cause.

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January 2019

Why Visit an Endodontist for Your Root Canal Procedure?

While root canal procedures are quite common, they do necessitate a practitioner with extensive experience and a specific set of skills. That's why there's no one else better for the job than an Endodontist – like our expert Dr. Lance Isaac!

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October 2018

Test Your Smarts on Root Canal Treatments

If you’ve never received a root canal treatment yourself, then perhaps you’ve heard details about the procedure from a friend who has – or maybe, you’ve come across an unreliable article online talking about how the procedure is “painful” or “unsafe”. (Not true)!

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September 2018

Does Chewing Gum Help to Ultimately Prevent Root Canals?

If you’re a regular sugar-free gum chewer, then you may be pleased to know that your gum chewing habits are conducive to a healthier smile! Chewing gum actually helps to prevent cavities which could ultimately lead to root canal treatment. But how?

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August 2018

How To Treat A Diseased Tooth

Rapid advances in technology coupled with innovations to maximize patient comfort while minimizing anxiety, are two reasons why patients should consider root canal treatment if they are looking for a long-lasting, cost-effective solution to treat a diseased tooth.

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July 2018

Should I Be Using a Manual (Traditional) or Electric (Powered) Toothbrush?
We’ve got the facts.

What kind of toothbrush do you use to clean your teeth? Many people have now been using a battery-powered electric toothbrush for years, yet some prefer to stick to their good ol’ traditional toothbrush – nothing but some bristles on a stick! In this blog post, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both.

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June 2018

Ten Interesting Facts About Your Teeth
Add some more dental wisdom to that noggin!

There’s so much to learn about the wonderful world of dentistry! So this month, our Scarborough endodontist wants to share with you these ten interesting dental facts that may surprise you. A little extra dental wisdom never hurt anybody!

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May 2018

Four Habits that May Lead to a Root Canal
Are you doing any of these things?

There are four habits you should steer clear of if you want to protect your smile from irreversible pulp (root) damage… something that requires a root canal procedure to treat (or worse, extraction). How many of these things have you been doing?

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April 2018

Five Foods to Protect Your Smile from Cavities & Root Canals
Does your diet agree with your dental health?

Some foods, particularly those high in sugar, have the ability to destroy our teeth… all due to an evil bacteria called “mutans streptococcus”, or “strep mutans” for short. But then, there are also many foods that are wonderful for our dental health! Here are five of our favourite smile-healthy foods that help to protect the teeth from cavities and ultimately, root canals.

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March 2018

Does Chewing Gum Help to Ultimately Prevent Root Canals?
The truth about the chew

If you’re a regular sugar-free gum chewer, then you may be pleased to know that your gum chewing habits are conducive to a healthier smile! Chewing gum actually helps to prevent cavities which could ultimately lead to root canal treatment. But how?

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February 2018

Your Guide to Fighting Gum Recession (and Ultimately a Root Canal)
Gingival Health Depends on These Three Things

The gums need just as much love as the teeth do… but unfortunately, many people forget this valuable fact. Here’s how you can ensure that your gums stay pink and healthy as can be for life, which will also protect the roots of your teeth from root decay (and ultimately, a potential need for a root canal therapy).

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January 2018

Win the Fight Against Tooth Enamel Wear
Are You Doing What You Can to Keep those Chompers Strong?

Our tooth enamel is a very important protective layer of our teeth, so we should always do our best to preserve it and protect it from erosion and wear. How much do you know about protecting your enamel?

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December 2017

Root Canals for Babies and Children?...
All about Pediatric Pulp Therapy!

Did you know that root canal procedures exist for babies and children? It’s true! And while you might not think it’s necessary to save baby teeth (as they’re just going to fall out and be replaced anyway), it’s time to change your thinking. Here’s why! Also, we talk about two pediatric pulp therapy procedure performed to save little teeth!

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November 2017

Smokers: More Likely to Need Root Canal Treatment
Are you a smoker?

Smokers have far more than one good reason to think about quitting if they haven’t already. Besides several oral health problems smoking causes, an extensive study found that cigarette smokers were far more likely to need root canal therapy compared to non-smokers.

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October 2017

Can Consuming Calcium Help You Avoid a Root Canal?
Say “CHEESE” (And eat it, too)!

Calcium is a very important mineral for our smiles! In fact, an adequate intake of calcium can help to prevent tooth decay… which leads to cavities… which sometimes, leads to a root canal or worse, tooth extraction. Are you getting enough calcium in your diet?

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August 2017

Four Things You May Not Know About Dental Pulp...
You may be surprised about what you learn!

How much do you know about your tooth’s inner pulp layer? It wouldn’t hurt to educate yourself on the subject… because our pulp is what keeps our teeth alive, anyway! We think these four pulp facts are something everyone would benefit from knowing.

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July 2017

The Ultimate Root Canal Quiz: How Well Do You Know Endo?
Let’s find out!

Are you a root canal expert? This month, our Scarborough endodontist wants to know how well you know endo (endodontics, that is)! We bet you’ll learn a few things along the way as well. Take the 7-question quiz now!

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June 2017

Preventing Cavities & Root Canals
Four Habits Your Smile Appreciates

Do you take pride in your oral hygiene routine, or could you be putting in more effort? An oral hygiene routine that’s lacking only increases a person’s risk for cavities, and potential root canal treatment. So, here are four things you can do every day to help prevent these problems.

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May 2017

Choosing the Right Endodontist for Your Root Canal
Make the Right Choice!

On the search for the perfect endodontist? Here’s what you should look out for in order to make the best decision.

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April 2017

Why Should I Go Through With a Root Canal Procedure?
"Aren't There Any Better Options?"

Not sure if you should have your root canal treatment done? Here’s some honest insight that might help with your decision making.

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Mar 2017

Types of Crowns after your Root Canal Procedure
What Would You Choose?

After a root canal procedure, a dental crown is often required to protect the tooth from future damage. But crowns are available in a wide variety of different materials... and a patient will be able to make an informed decision with the help of their endodontist.

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Feb 2017

The Many Kinds of Tooth Cracks & Chips
Should you be concerned about your fracture?

Should you ever shrug off a chipped or cracked tooth? What if the damage is really small, and hardly noticeable? We’ve got the answers.

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Jan 2017

The Incredible Instruments of Endodontics
These Little Tools Lend a Big Hand!

A successful root canal treatment wouldn't be possible without the help of a variety of sophisticated (and tiny) endodontic instruments. Interested in learning a little more about them?

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Dec 2016

How Can I Prevent Root Decay?
Your Gums and Teeth Depend on Daily Care

Decay can occur on the enamel surface of a tooth, and can even occur below the gum line on the tooth's root. Here's how you can prevent root decay – an oral problem that commonly affects older patients.

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Nov 2016

Could It Be Irreversible Pulpitis?
When a Root Canal Is Really Necessary

While tooth pain in some is merely due to sensitivity to hot and cold, sometimes a spontaneous pain that comes about without warning can indicate that the pulp of your tooth needs some attention... pronto.

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Oct 2016

The Many Types of Endodontic Surgery
Let Us Break It Down for You!

Endodontic surgery actually pertains to more than just the usual root canal procedure! There are many types of procedures that are designed to save a patient's natural tooth or help them maintain optimal function of the mouth... and they're all typically very successful.

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Sept 2016

Root Canal Therapy for Internal Root Resorption
Learn the Facts

What is internal root resorption, and why does it happen? How can you do your best to prevent anything like this from occurring? We've got the details on this rare, yet destructive dental condition.

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Aug 2016

An Interview with The Endodontic Group's Dr. Lance Isaac
Learn about Life as an Endodontist!

Ever wonder what life would be like as a certified endodontist? Our very own Dr. Lance Isaac answers some questions about pursuing his passion: helping patients save their valuable teeth. Get in the know!

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July 2016

What to Expect After a Root Canal Procedure
Get In-The-Know About Post-Operative Care

It's important to know what to expect following a root canal treatment. In this article, we'll talk about what's normal, what's not, and how you can ensure your treated tooth lasts for as long as possible (which, in many cases, can be for life)!

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June 2016

Will I Ever Need Endodontic Retreatment?
Here's Why Some Root Canal Treatments Fail

While most root canal procedures are very successful with no need for retreatment, some do unfortunately fail. Luckily, if a patient is a candidate for endodontic retreatment, the problem can be resolved and their tooth can still be saved. So, what exactly can go wrong with a root canal procedure in the first place?

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May 2016

How Can You Determine if You Really Need a Root Canal?
Dr. Isaac Looks for These Specific Signs

It's important to consider certain factors before officially deciding that a patient requires root canal treatment. These are some common signs that help dentists and endodontists determine if endodontic care is a must, or if there's a chance that the tooth may recover.

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Apr. 2016

Root Canal Therapy and Sedation Dentistry
Are You a Candidate for IV Moderate Sedation During Your Treatment?

It can be quite nerve wracking for some patients, especially those with dental anxiety – to go in for their first (or second!) root canal treatment. Even though the procedure is rather relaxing and painless (with the help of a local anesthetic, of course), patients can ask to be sedated. Want to know how you might benefit from IV sedation during your endodontic treatment?

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Mar. 2016

Accidents Happen... and Your Teeth Could Take the Hit!
Here's What You Should Do In Case of a Dental Injury

Let's face it – accidents happen when we least expect them to. We can't always avoid them, but we sure can do our best to prevent them most of the time. Whether it be a bad tumble down the stairs, a hard blow to the face during a sport game, or even a solid bite down while chewing food... a dental injury can strike! There are certain signs you should be aware of after an injury in order to protect yourself from further complication. Read on to find out what you should do in case of a dental injury.

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Feb. 2016

I Take Care of My Oral health... Why Do I Need Root Canal Treatment?

Have you ever needed a root canal treatment? Many people have! There's no doubt that this procedure is quite common... however, so is a particular misconception about it! Contrary to popular belief, poor oral hygiene is not the only culprit for needing a procedure of this kind.

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Jan. 2016

Why You Should See an Endodontist For Your Root Canal Treatment

Have you ever required a root canal treatment? If so, who performed the procedure? If you remember being referred to an endodontist, then you're most likely in the clear. While root canal procedures are quite common, they require a practitioner with extensive experience and a specific set of skills to perform them. That's why there's no one else better for the job than an Endodontist!

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Dec. 2015

Root Canal Treatments: Get Familiar With the Facts

If you've never experienced the procedure for yourself, then maybe you've gained some helpful insight from a friend who has? Or, perhaps, you've heard an exaggerated horror story from a co-worker who is against the idea altogether.

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Nov. 2015

When a root canal is the only route to go...

A root canal treatment is a common procedure that is required to treat infected or dead tooth pulp, caused by bacteria or trauma to the tooth. Specialized dental instruments are used to clean out infected pulp tissue that fills the canals of the tooth, and the canals are then filled with a permanent solution to keep them free of contamination

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